Existing customer? We are here for you.

The fastest way to reach us is to fill out our customer service form. Please note that we will take care of correcting deficiencies under warranty only.

In order to complete the service form, please follow the following steps


Refer to the date indicated on your GCR prereception inspection form to determine the effective date of the warranty.


Refer to the warranty plan and exclusions. If the warranty applies, fill out the form below. Download our warranty plan


Number and indicate each defect separately by specifying the nature of the problem and the location of the problem in the building. For example : 1. missing handle in the main floor bathroom / 2. screws visible on the front of the center drawer in the kitchen.


Attach one close-up and one long-distance photo for each defect on the form. Name these photos according to the number on the form. For example : Photo #1 close up.jpg / Photo #1 long distance.jpg.


You will receive an automatic acknowledgment of receipt to confirm that we have received your request. You will receive a detailed response or a request for an appointment within a reasonable time. Please note that service requests are processed on an emergency priority basis; service requests with an aesthetic deficiency will not be prioritized. If an inspection or repair appointment is required, it must be made Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 4:30 pm.

Please note that we will take care of correcting deficiencies under warranty only. For deficiencies that are not covered or outside the warranty period, we can advise you on the nature of the maintenance work to be done. Some maintenance may require special skills, we will be happy to recommend a professional when you request one. Please refer to the documents sent to you or your complete warranty plan. Download our maintenance guide

Customer service form.