The Company

JSco inc. is a dynamic construction company that is evolving quickly. Proud of its leading position in construction, project management and real estate sales. JSco Inc. is future-oriented. JSco Inc. is proud to be an organization that is authentic, honest and truthful. We are transparent and sincere in all our interactions with our clients. We do not attempt to sell what we cannot deliver, or be something we are not. Our credibility lies within each of our 600 condo units, on each experience lived by our clients and on each signed cheque we issue to our suppliers.

The President and Founder, Mr Stéphane Jacques, is from a large construction family in Victoriaville located in the Bois-Francs region. With an engineering degree from University of Laval in Quebec in 1997, Mr. Jacques has built more than 600 condo units since the founding of JSco Inc.

Fondateur de JSCO


Since the founding in 2004, JSco Inc. has been able to create integrated teams and combine the principles of design, architecture and engineering to carry out environmentally conscious construction projects. We make sustainable development a key factor in our work. To do this, we choose locally made and environmentally respectful materials, and we use products that are safe for our workers and residents. With city development and property access being main priorities, JSco Inc. has taken on the task of redeveloping land near major centres, major roads and public transportation to offer accessible condominiums with a reduced ecological footprint.


From identifying the needs of the project, the execution of work and to the management and supervision of our workers, we aim to minimize the number of stakeholders and reduce construction delays. Our strength is the quality of our team who works toward one common goal : to contribute to the well being of our clients. Our low staff and subcontractor turnover can be explained by the friendly working environment and encouragement of positivism and teamwork. Each employee is determined to do everything possible to optimize the buyer’s experience. Professionals are also part of this full-fledged team and contribute to the project success, from design to implementation.